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Album review: "Melted"

Ty Segall's unstoppable prolific streak has been his greatest asset and his greatest detriment. The young San Franciscan has released a seemingly endless stream of singles and albums the past three years, establishing himself as one of the premier garage-rock revivalists around, but sometimes he spreads his talents a little too thin. His third proper full-length release, "Melted," is his most complete and coherent statement to date: 30 minutes of barnstorming, reverb-drenched, hook-filled garage-punk without a clunker in the bunch.

What separates Segall from the pack is that he offers more than just devotion to aesthetic. Even though there is plenty of attitude and distortion, "Melted" is not a simple genre exercise. "Sad Fuzz" is a rollicking romp that shows off his potent howl, which has definite hints of John Lennon. "Girlfriend" and "My Sunshine" are more typically crunchy tunes, riding power chords and big choruses to a garage-rock sweet spot.

While previous albums have sounded like a killer single packed with charming if interchangeable filler, "Melted" runs like a string of nonstop A-sides. lf Segall keeps up his pace and quality, he could be ready for his own box set some day soon.

-- David Malitz, Aug. 2010