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Editorial Review

If you insist on acting like the biggest band in the world when off-stage, then you may as well act the same way on stage. Give U2 credit for going big all the time. It’s easier to overlook Bono’s pretentious political posturing (as well intentioned as it may be) when he brings along the Claw, a giant contraption that makes the band a stadium-only act and manages to do the unthinkable — upstage the larger-than-life lead singer. So although you’re certain to hear such for-the-ages hits as “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “New Year’s Day” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” it might be hard to fully concentrate on their timeless anthemic qualities as that robotic monstrosity contorts and blasts beams of light across the Baltimore sky.

--David Malitz, June 3, 2011