Editors' pick

V.V. Brown

Rhythm and Blues

Editorial Review

DC9's Liberation Dance Party, where you may be bopping around to a Beastie Boys, Kasabian or Little Dragon track at any given moment, brings a suitably genre-agnostic live performer to the stage for its seventh anniversary party. V.V. Brown's look hovers somewhere between Janelle Monae and Nicki Minaj, but the British model, songwriter and performer was brewing her pastiche of styles in England years before either of those icons came to prominence. The sound is pop with retro touches, from doo-wop to R&B to the jazz, hip-hop and punk that influenced her early career. Brown has achieved a number of milestones in Europe, including selling out tours and hitting the top spot on the French digital albums charts, and she is making another run at stateside stardom with her new album, "Lollipops & Politics."