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The State Theatre

The State Theatre photo
Jess Righthand/TWP

The Weepies

Singer-songwriters Deb Talan & Steve Tannen began writing together the night they met, and soon formed indie band The Weepies.They married and had three children, rarely touring but continuing to release music, with five records over seven years.

Editorial Review

What we love: The marquee out front. One of the benefits of being in an old movie theater is the giant marquee above the entrance. When you see a performer’s name spelled out in big letters, it feels like more than a concert — it feels like an event.

What we don’t: Some of the names on the marquee. It’s hard to get too excited when that name in big letters is a Journey tribute band. The venue does a good job, however, catering to rock en Espanol and jam band fans.

--David Malitz, Sept, 16 2011