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Wolf Trap - Filene Center

Wolf Trap - Filene Center photo
Robert Llewellyn - PR Newswire
America's National Park for the Performing Arts offers summer evening performances at the Filene Center and winter concerts in The Barns.

Prince Royce

At the Filene Center.

The Fresh Beat Band

Every summer Wolf Trap offers a number of kid-friendly shows on its Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods stage. But that isn't where the Fresh Beat Band will be performing. No, the up-beat band, famous for their Nick Jr. appearances, will be playing the big stage at the Filene Center to better accommodate their legions of young fans. At the Filene Center.

George Benson, Andreas Varady

At the Filene Center.

Gipsy Kings, Ole' Noys

At the Filene Center.
9/5 - 9/6

Cirque Dreams -- Jungle Fantasy

At the Filene Center.
9/5 - 9/6

Cirque Dreams--Jungle Fantasy

The international cast performs a show in a fantastical jungle setting featuring soaring aerialists, spine-bending contortionists, acrobats, jugglers and musicians. At the Filene Center.

Colbie Caillat

At the Filene Center.
12/9 - 1/4/15

Famous Puppet Death Scenes

At the Filene Center.