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Brief Encounter


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‘Brief Encounter’: Can’t give it anything but love

Ingeniously adapted from the 1945 Noel Coward film, the tour-de-force comes to the Lansburgh Theatre.

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Watch the couple in brown as they check in...

and get their tickets and their seats. Their 1940 suits are impeccable, as is their acting. Great show!

Superb Ensemble Cast with Talent and Impeccable Timing

Thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful production and extremely talented cast. It wasn't until after the play that we talked about how key timing has to be; yet the play unfolded seamlessly and in such a relaxed, enjoyable manner. That is probably partly due to the players performing music in the lobby and then in various spots around the theatre before the play. It created a convivial atmosphere. Also impressed with the set, the staging, and the mechanism of the film parts, but mostly the immensely talented cast. Enjoyed it very much!