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Dominick Argento at 85

Please note: This event has already occurred.
I talk a lot about American opera, and the stereotypes of American opera - it's supposedly accessible, melodious, influenced by Broadway musicals, colored by Menotti. And I point out often that the composer Dominick Argento has written a lot of good American operas that bucked those stereotypes, and should be better remembered and more often revived. Imagine my delight to see the University of Maryland doing just that, honoring this important living composer on his 85th birthday with a multi-part birthday celebration involving full staged performances of two of his operas, "Miss Havisham's Fire" and "Postcards From Morocco," plus a full complement of concerts, recitals, and lectures. Don't miss "A Water Bird Talk," an engaging monodrama, or "Miss Manners on Music." Anyone interested in talking about American opera would do well to attend.