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Henry IV, Part 1

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Stacy Keach had a memorable turn as small-town businessman and occasional thief Ed Pegram in the Best Picture-nominated "Nebraska." When he isn't stealing air compressors and threatening legal action against Bruce Dern's character on film, there's a good chance he's acting on stage. He returns to Shakespeare Theatre, where he was last seen starring in 2009's "King Lear," to play Falstaff in the Bard's history play. Part I opens Tuesday; Part II will be performed in repertory, beginning April 1.

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How many Henrys can you fit in one play?

Well, Shakespeare could fit quite a few in there. Follow the link to read more: http://theaterpimp.com/?p=2321

John Keabler makes Shakespeare sexy!

Shakespeare historical tragedies can be hard to watch, but John Keabler made this easy. First, he's prowling the stage, stealing the show from a very talented cast. You can't stop listening to him. Until he takes off his shirt and then you stop caring what he says as long as he keep going.