Jim Gaffigan: White Bread

Stand-Up Comedy
Please note: This event has already occurred.
Known as one of stand-up comedy's "nice" acts, Jim Gaffigan has built a successful career by presenting himself as a PG-rated Everyman who is perpetually bemused by such commonplace things as fast food, fatherhood and being fat and lazy. His current tour (called, unsurprisingly enough, "White Bread") will no doubt feature the doughy, pasty-skinned Midwesterner's signature asides, in which he steps outside of himself to critique his own performance, typically in the breathless, high-pitched voice of a humorless crank. Part of the joke, of course, is that there's never anything particularly shocking or offensive about Gaffigan's humor. At the same time, his close, almost obsessional inspection of the ordinary frequently offers up insights, along with wicked belly laughs.