Keegan Theatre

4/9 - 4/27


Set in the 1960s, the rock musical follows young hippies as they pursue peace and love.
5/3 - 5/24

Things You Shouldn't Say Past Midnight

Three couples attempt late-night trysts in New York in this comedy by Peter Ackerman.
5/16 - 6/5

A Midsummer Night's Riot

After success staging "Cuchullain" and "Basra Boy," Keegan Theatre mounts another one-man show by Irish playwright Rosemary Jenkinson.

Editorial Review

One of the most charming theatrical spaces in Washington, and the home of the Keegan Theatre, the present-day Church Street Theater is housed in a mid-19th-century brick building that originally served as the gymnasium for the Holton Arms School. The exposed brick walls and lofty ceiling of the interior make for a warm, intimate performing space, which contains a few more than 115 seats.

-- Lloyd Rose and Brad Hathaway