Local Dance Commissioning Project: The Meaning of Buck Dance

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"The Meaning of Buck Dance" delves into the history of "buck dance," which is "an early American percussive dance style." It features Urban Artistry with Good Foot Dance Company and Baakari Wilder. The piece is directed by D.C. choreographer Emily Oleson. At the Grand Foyer.

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Masten "The Meaning of Buck Dancing Review"

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The Meaning of Buck Dancing Review

This show was performed tonight, September 19, 2013 at the Kenney Center in Washington D.C. I watched it streaming live online in New York and felt moved to respond. “The Meaning of Buck Dancing” was inspired by three male dancers who were filmed by Thomas Edison in 1894. The show opens with that film clip and a tribute to those dancers. In a wonderful expression of youthful vitality, three live dancers perform a similar “buck dance” in boots and jeans with white bandanas on their heads, clapping hands and moving feet and bodies on and off the beat. The evening honors many other buck dancers as well, and people who have paid attention to them, ... <ahref="http://chanzdancer1.livejournal.com/993.html">Finish Reading Review</a>

Sorting through the tangle: Race and dance in the US

The Meaning of Buck Dance is a thought-provoking, well-executed show that examines the tangle of questions that have dogged American, and especially African American, dance for years. How do we come to identify particular dance forms with particular ethnic groups? How do we interpret those identifications? Who "owns" tap, clogging, hip hop, flatfooting, and other kinds of dance? Here is my longer piece about the show and these questions: http://www.theunpackagedeye.com/clogging-and-gangsta-walking-kennedy-center-show-explores-dance-and-race/

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