Man in a Case


Editorial Review

Baryshnikov at 65, still taking artistic leaps

The ballet legend comes to Washington with Chekhov adaptation, "Man in a Case."

The legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov performs in "Man in a Case," a new adaptation of two discomfiting Anton Chekhov plays that (refreshingly) have nothing to do with the holidays.

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Loved It

Great. Modern adaptation of Chekov, was theater at its best. All of the actors were outstanding, what great cast! Favorite part? There were many favorite parts....I enjoyed both plays, second a favorite for me. The movement and film interpretation of the couple in the end was incredible. LOVE!

Must see . . .

. . . this contemporary, engaging production. Excellent cast; subtle humor amidst the dark themes, subtle and complex movements; intriguing mix of early 20th century and contemporary minimalist set, props, sound, and visuals.