Meena's Dream

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‘Meena’s Dream’ details largely unseen American life

Forum Theatre hosts the world premiere of Anu Yadav's evocative monologue

Forum Theatre’s Anu Yadav stages ‘Meena’s Dream’

The show tells the story of a little girl who used her imagination to cope with her mother’s illness.

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Meena's Dream going on national tour - learn more

Encouraged by the warm response to the work, the artists of Meena's Dream are working to get the show on a national tour. Learn more at this DC Theatre Scene article here:

am at a loss for words...

Just go see it for yourself.

Meena's Dream - Amazing

I, reluctantly, want to see this play last night and was swept away within 5 minutes (or less). It may have been one of the best plays, with one of the best actresses, I have seen. It was delightful. The characters are believable, the actresses movements are graceful and her timing was perfect. I can't say enough about how amazing it was and I was so glad I didn't give in to my resistance to "leave the house on a cold night." Many thanks for a wonderful experience.

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