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Playwright John Millington Synge's lover, Molly Allgood, is the subject of Scena's world premiere.

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Vignette of Life - Loving and Mourning

It is 1909 and Molly's love, but not lover, John Synge, has died and his funeral is that day. Molly mourns for John by reminiscing about people, places, and events. She works through her own emotions while musing about the differences between them - of which there were many. Even though older, educated, and from an upper class family, John somehow seems less knowing and mature than the much younger Molly. Danielle Davy is Molly - embracing and embodying the spirit of this spirited character who is not a character in a play, but a real person who was an actress in many plays - John's plays. It is just Molly - mourning, reminiscing, and laughing as she comes to grips with her loss and lets us make that journey with her.