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Editorial Review

‘Neverwhere’ puts Rorschach’s inventiveness on full display

Actors make use of every corner of the theater at Atlas Performing Arts Center.

The otherworldly costumes of Rorschach Theatre’s ‘Neverwhere’

The production -- an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel -- is costume designer Deb Sivigny’s 100th show.

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Immersive and Spellbinding Journey to London Below

Phenomenally immersive and entertaining, Neverwhere magically transports those of us from the "above" world, to London Below. The story is a classic Neil Gaiman tale, an adult fairy tale/hero quest of an ordinary man with a good heart, who helps a wounded girl and is plunged into a strange world. A world filled with quirky, compelling, and often nefarious characters on a journey far from the safety of his analyst job in London. Performed in an intimate black box theatre, the play unfolds not just in the center, but all around, making brilliant use of the available space - its sometimes claustrophobic feel adding to the effect. The cast too is excellent (though lead Daniel Corey is deserving of particular praise) filled with