Editors' pick

Rep Stage at the Horowitz Visual and Performing Arts Center

Rep Stage is the professional theater company in residence at the Howard Community College theater.
2/17 - 3/6

Antigone Project: A Play in 5 Parts

Conceived by Chiori Miyagawa and Sabrina Peck. Featuring plays by five award-winning female playwrights; "Hang Ten" by Karen Hartman, "Medallion" by Tanya Barfield, "Antigone Arkhe" by Caridad Svich, "A Stone's Throw" by Lynn Nottage and "Red Again" by Chiori Miyagawa. At the Howard Community College.
4/6 - 4/24

Hunting and Gathering

A romantic comedy about four transient, Gen Y New Yorkers by playwright Brooke Berman. At the Howard Community College.