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Soultronica feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe

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Editorial Review

Mark de Clive-Lowe (listen) came up in his native New Zealand playing straight-ahead jazz, a path that led the keyboardist and producer to the top of the future soul and nu jazz movements. Whether it was fanning the fires of London's broken beat scene with his synth bass lines and drum machine prowess or introducing classic artists like Shirley Horn to dance floors with a deft remixing touch, "Mashi," as he is also known, has generated a vast discography of must-own records. His live shows are even more exciting than his studio productions, as he completely improvises his set from a battery of synths, vintage keyboards, a sampler and effects boxes, building the beats from scratch on stage. The one-man band is finishing up a world tour at Bohemian Caverns tonight, accompanied by London vocalist Vanessa Freeman

-- Rhome Anderson (Feb. 2009)