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Stuart Little

Children's Theater
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A vintage radio predicts rain and four adult actors bound into the attic, playing kids who decide to spend the day dramatizing their favorite story, "Stuart Little," grabbing any props they can find. Stuart himself (Chris Dinolfo) pops out of a trunk and, along with his human pals, jumps into a selection of adventures. Guest director Colin Hovde of Theatre Alliance has put "Stuart Little" onstage with the larger-than-life energy needed to keep the youngest kids enthralled without sacrificing the innate charm of E.B. White's often ruminative tale by forcing his cast over the top. Adaptor Joseph Robinette has dispensed with White's extended literary narratives and gone for the action sequences, which makes sense for this 50-minute one act, geared to the youngest children on up. The play ends on a note of modern-style positivity and a call for kids to celebrate their imaginations. It is a departure from the book's muted and unresolved finale, in which Stuart heads out into the world, but it fits nicely with the energy that has come before. At the Adventure Theatre MTC.