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Tappin' Thru Life

Please note: This event has already occurred.
Maurice Hines is a spoonful of sugar and a shot of caffeine. The charm offensive could register as overkill, but from the moment Hines starts recollecting his showbiz career and crooning well-known tunes in front of the nine-piece Diva Jazz Orchestra, it's clear that what's breaking out at Arena Stage is a Vegas act. With a title like "Tappin' Thru Life" and Hines's declared goal of paying tribute to his late brother and longtime dance partner, Gregory, you may be expecting more dance than Hines, 70, is featuring. Most of the tapping in this 90-minute show happens in the last 20 minutes, when Hines brings on a pair of adorable young Washington-based brother acts. Until then, "Tappin' " is basically a breezy, personable concert. Things finally move a lot when Hines ushers in John and Leo Manzari, the tap lads he featured in Arena's "Sophisticated Ladies" four years ago. (Then they were both teens; now they're old enough to vote.) The Manzaris, working without the orchestra, tap out rippling beats in an athletic, hard-hitting style, that they make way for a routine by another local duo, seventh-graders Max and Sam Heimowitz. The beat goes on, Hines proudly declares. When he finally lets his feet do the talking for a few rhythmic minutes near the end, it's a pleasure to be in the company of a shameless, ebullient vaudeville heart.