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The Beauty Queen of Leenane


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Pastoral horror erupts in McDonagh’s ‘Beauty Queen’

Round House Theatre revives Martin McDonagh's "The Beauty Queen of Leenane."

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Powerful acting, great story

This cast is wonderful. The script is terrific. There are many funny lines, but this is not a happy play. The set designer did a great job with the set.

The real villain of Monday night's show:

The play's very good, excellent cast w/ a sure grip on the audience's sympathies & fears. But, this one guy sitting smack in the middle of the orchestra? No, his cell phone didn't ring, cell phones are so 2010. His feckin Slingbox or portable TV came on - and, get this, HE DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO TURN IT OFF. We all heard about 60 seconds' dialog of an unrelated TV show or movie; the 2 cast members on stage abated their dialog for a long moment. I was hoping an actor would break character and call out this jerk, Katharine Hepburn style. Finally he left, broadcast still in progress. I didn't see him again but heard he was shameless enough to return after intermission. There should be a theatrical terrorist watch list and this guy should be on it.