The Full Monty


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‘The Full Monty’ at Keegan Theatre is as rusty as its setting

REVIEW | With a few exceptions, this production is stiff, stilted and halting.

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Thoroughly Enjoyable

I totally disagree with Cecelia Wren's dyspeptic review. The Keegan Theater's production of The Full Monty was a joy from start to finish. It's the kind of show that is especially well suited to the Keegan's spartan decor. If you are in need of some belly laughs after a rough week in the office, this show is meant for you.

Great fun

Not the most sophisticated performance in the world, but a very enjoyable evening, with great fun. You find the characters growing on you, and you share first their inhibitions and finally their exuberance. Very glad to have gone to see The Full Monty before reading the review, which I find quite unfair.