The Pitmen Painters


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‘The Pitmen Painters’: Proficient with ax and brush

Stevie Zimmerman’s production about miners who become serious painters, is lively and absorbing.

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What is art? Pitmen Painters

Another fantastic play at 1st Stage. Pitmen Painters, based on a true story, is skillfully directed by Stevie Zimmerman. The terrific, ensemble cast is laugh-out-loud funny in the first act--dedicated to answering the BIG question, "What is art?" Lots of laughter, but also food for thought and wonderful chemistry between the artists on stage. This theatre doubles as a gallery and this time, the artist has Pitmen Painters as a theme. Loved it -- go see the show--enjoy the arts. Weekends through Oct 13.

Funny, thought provoking and beautifully lyrical.

I wasn't sure what to expect of this show as I had heard it was fantastic on Broadway but I didn't think a local company could pull it off. I was so wrong. Beautiful moments on stage, like vintage photos; a strong cast of well directed actors who mostly handled the accent well; lots of laughs but plenty to think about; amazing use of simple sets and props - the director turns 6 chairs from a train station to a gallery bench in an instant and it is completely believalbe. The only slow moments are when the main female character comes on. She's kind of annoying and has weird physical mannerisms. The main miner character was amazing. A really terrific cast overall though and the whole thing made me feel happy and optimistic about the arts.