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The Winter's Tale

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T Charles Erickson

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A ‘Winter’s Tale’ for all seasons

"The Winter's Tale," performed by a cast of nine, arrives at Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Shakespeare Theatre Company’s ‘The Winters Tale’

Rebecca Taichman returns to Washington to direct a pared-down version of Shakespeare’s play.

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good show

Lovely emotional version that really works. I thought the 2002 version was too cold and cerebral. This one is lovely and you can feel the pain and anger in the first act and the merriment and rejoicing in the second. Absolutely lovely closing scene.

Solid ***

Unlike the snarky first review (who are these people who spend so much time being nasty?), I'm much more in agreement with the Post. A lovely sequence of sets deftly changing from scene to scene, modest until the end. The major parts mainly had strong performances, the younger folk except for Tom Story, were weaker. Funny little rewriting of Shakespeare. Well-done.

Melodramatic Blight

Director Rebecca Taichnan's melodramatic simplification shatters this tattered romance into roaring nothingness. Mark Harelik's ranting as Leontes, and the bureaucratically sterile set for Sicilia cross into the land of tedium. TST's 2002 production was far better. Costuming Autolycus with a villain's cape - presumably part of director Rebecca Taichman's concept, undermined the contrast between Bohemia and Sicilia, while Harelik's raspy singing destroyed the poetry of Shakespeare's lyrics. Song that delights the ears, as flowers the eyes, makes villainy more amusing. Bottom/Autolycus, wearing the head of an ass and braying, did not entertain. A director should heed what musicians say about rhythm: "Bend it, don't break it!"

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