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Thomas is Titanic

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Movie review: 'Thomas is Titanic '
By Fiona Zublin
Monday, July 23, 2012

Watching “Thomas Is Titanic” is like reading someone’s teenage diary entries. It’s simultaneously mortifying and hilarious, and the fact that Thomas Choinacky has chosen to reveal them to us shows that he is either very foolish or very brave (or that those are two sides of the same coin).

The show is a collection of reenactments of scenes from the movie “Titanic” (yes, he does the sexy parts), reminiscences about building a Kate Winslet fan Web site and fantasizing about meeting her, and puppet shows involving the Titanic, the iceberg and jokes about going down. Choinacky is magnetic and slightly off-kilter -- like there’s a 5 percent chance that he’s a serial killer and a 95 percent chance that he’s actually an alien adventurer. His enthusiasm for “Titanic” is pure and sublimely ridiculous, as is the show itself. Every time you think he’s taking a dumb movie (and himself) too seriously, he does something such as stick his head in a pail of water, taking the silliness even further and forcing the audience to laugh with instead of at him. Against all expectations, he manages to get you to go along on his voyage. Spoiler: The boat still sinks.