Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre


Editorial Review

The theater at the Thomas Jefferson Community Center is a former high school auditorium that seats 715 before a large proscenium stage; it also accommodates a deeply recessed orchestra pit. The front half of the hall features traditional theater seats that are fairly comfortable. The rear half, on the other hand, is populated with rickety and less-comfortable removable seats on risers.

The hall is home to the Arlington Players, a community theater troupe that offers three musicals and/or plays a year here and one spring show at the Gunston Arts Center. Players productions are frequently in the running for awards in such competitions as the Ruby Griffith Awards and the Washington Area Theatre Community Honors or WATCH.

The Opera Theater of Northern Virginia has staged such works as Charles Strouse's "Nightingale" and Alan Chapman's musical spoof of the tales of Rocky and Bullwinkle "Les Moose" here. The Children's Theatre, a training troupe for ages 9 through 14, also performs on this stage.

-- Brad Hathaway