'80s Dance Party


Editorial Review

Now well into its second decade, the '80s Dance Party operates on a simple premise: '80s movies show on a number of TV and projection screens, while a DJ spins a mix of songs that everyone knows (Madonna, Prince, Pet Shop Boys) and some that may not be on the "Totally Awesome '80s!" compilation you found in the bargain bin at at the used record store. (By the way, was anyone a Kajagoogoo fan the first time around?)

You can arrive early for various rail drink and beer specials, but the crowd doesn't show up until 11 or so, when everyone from actual "Children of the '80s" to college students and the odd bachelorette party wander in and get down. By the way -- if you've got jelly bracelets and slashed T-shirts in the back of your closet, you might want to think twice about wearing them; showing up dressed like your favorite "Breakfast Club" character is, like, so passe...