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Black Squirrel Burger Night

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Editorial Review

There's something decadent about the Black Squirrel's burger. It's more savory than most of its competitors – the first bite compels you close your eyes and chew slowly, as if you were in some corny fast food commercial. The secret, according bar owner Amy Bowman, is house-ground Hereford beef cooked in both duck and veal fat. No, it's probably not the healthiest burger, but it's utterly delectable.

The best night to go is Thursday, when the Adams Morgan bar becomes a fancier Five Guys: The basic burger with lettuce and tomato is $5 before customers go crazy with a list of gourmet toppings, including Chimay, manchego or aged Gouda cheeses ($1 each); jalapenos (25 cents); a fried egg (50 cents); house-made guacamole ($1); applewood smoked bacon ($1); or peppery chipotle sauce (25 cents). No matter how you build it, each burger arrives with a choice of fries or a side salad.

Pair your burger with one of the 56 beers on draft, and you have the perfect pub dinner.

-- Fritz Hahn (August 24, 2013)