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Neighborhood: Chinatown
Cuisine: Asian
Price: $$$ ($25-$34)
Sound check: 70 decibels (Conversation is easy)
Saturday brunch comes with a twist at the Source: a nod to dim sum that includes delights like these steamed pork buns.
Our Review

2012 Fall Dining Guide
By Tom Sietsema
Washington Post Magazine
Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012

“Is everything to your liking?" a server at the Source wants to know. More than ever these days, the answer to the question at this pan-Asian restaurant is entirely clear. “Yes" to the saffron-colored squash soup that zooms from hot to sour in every spoonful. “Yes" to the crisp chive dumplings that rouse me from bed for Saturday brunch with a twist. And “yes!" to the rich, chili-fueled duck curry ladled around a cone of rice draped with a coconut reduction that looks like white lava running down a mountain. Garnishes of roasted peanuts and kaffir lime boost that last dish to a Hall of Fame of fresh ideas from chef Scott Drewno. Frog legs tossed with blistered shishito peppers are an interesting idea but soggy in the execution. Seconds, please, of the dainty sesame-miso cones capped with teasing tuna tartare. Streams of light pour into the dining room, a sleek export from everybody's favorite Californian-by-way-of-Austria: no, not Arnold, but Wolfgang. The Source is the source of happy meals for adults.

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