Trivia Night at the Looking Glass Lounge

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Editorial Review

“Is everybody feeling knowledgeable tonight?” host Dalton Hirshorn asks the capacity crowd at the Petworth bar on the final Tuesday of February. Hirshorn is a mainstay at the Looking Glass, where his weekly hosting stint puts teams of no more than five people through five rounds, including an audio round, a visual matching round and esoterica such as fictional TV towns and identifying the names of baby animals (What do you call a baby cockroach? A nymph, of course).

If you think you did well in a particular round, you have a one-chance-only option to double your score for that round. You can also boost your point total by guessing the “mystery person” about whom a single fact is revealed after each round. At least one of the rounds has a theme riffing on the news or current events such as the Oscars, with answers including Oscar Wilde, Oscar the Grouch or Oscar Hammerstein. While trivia doesn’t start until 8 p.m., the Looking Glass is usually full by 6:45 with contestants having dinner and enjoying happy hour specials, including half-price beers and half-smokes.

Pro tip: Follow Hirshorn on Twitter at @QuizmasterGAAve to find out that night’s theme.

The prizes: $60 off the winning team’s bar tab, $15 off for the team with the best name.

-- Alex Baldinger