Editors' pick

BGR: The Burger Joint

$$$$ ($14 and under)
A burger place that takes you back.
Opens at 11 am daily
closing times vary. Will stay open past midnight on Thu
Fri and Sat.
(Dupont Circle)
72 decibels (Must speak with raised voice)

Editorial Review

2010 Fall Dining Guide

By Tom Sietsema
Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ray's Hell-Burger in Arlington has its charms, but if President Obama ever decides to alter his burger run, he ought to consider another home-grown mini-chain, this one from entrepreneur Mark Bucher. "No shortcuts, no pre-cooking, no heat lamps," the menu pledges. The food delivers on that promise; even a basic burger starts with prime, aged, hormone-free, corn-fed beef from the Midwest and rests on a toasted sesame-seeded brioche bun. Juicier still: The patty is cooked the way you ask, and you don't have to settle for beef. Also available are ahi tuna, turkey, lobster, cumin-and-mint-laced lamb (love the crusty Greek burger), even black beans, brown rice and molasses (the vegetarian version). The fries, made with Yukon Gold potatoes, are double-fried and tasty, and the shakes are so thick, they're easier to eat with a spoon than a straw. Good news for denizens of Clarendon: A fifth Joint is expected to open at 3024 Wilson Blvd. by year's end. The Dupont Circle branch, with blond-wood booths, purple walls and Christmas-light chandeliers, is closest to the White House. Got that, Mr. President?