Boog's BBQ - Camden Yards

$$$$ ($14 and under)
The smell wafting up from this Eutaw Street 'cue shack entices game-goers at Camden Yards.
Open on game days.

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very dry and over priced

I had to check out Boog's BBQ at the yard. I ordered up a Big Boog with pork and coleslaw. For 17.50 I got a very dry pork sandwich that I had to drown with BBQ sauce. The Old Bay chips would have been better if they weren't stale. Lastly, the coleslaw must be a different style because the cabbage was hard and it was served in a vinegary sauce. I had better sandwich's for less. The up side was Boog was there signing autographs and taking photos with the fans. Boog has a big heart, but needs to crack down on the meals.