Cafe Mozart

Deli, German
$$$$ ($15-$24)
An authentic German deli stocked with wursts is a short waltz away from the lounge and restaurant.
Mon-Fri 7 am-10 pm
Sat 9 am-10 pm
Sun 11 am-10 pm
McPherson Square (Blue and Orange lines)

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Cafe Mozart

I lived in Stuttgart Germany for two years, and loved going to local neighborhood restaurants for authentic German food. The ONLY place I have found that serves true German food in a Gasthaus environment is Cafe Mozart. As you enter the establishment, you walk through their deli and walk past shelves of German and European specialties.... continue walking and as you open the double doors in the back, you enter the Bar area and then the white table cloth dressed restaurant. The air is full of the aroma of German cooking. Often a lovely Austrian woman (Slyvia) will be playing her accordion and singing German/Austrian traditional songs. It 's my go to place for true German food and atmosphere. The sauerkraut is awesome!