Chinatown Express

Asian, Chinese
$$$$ ($14 and under)

Editorial Review

The chef in the window meticulously stretches noodles for hearty soup and noodle dishes among hanging ducks and suckling pigs.

Everything, including fish and lobster from the tanks in front, is well-priced at this unassuming spot. What is lacks in decor it makes up for in flavor of dishes like Singapore noodles, sauteed greens with garlic and various casseroles. Unlike many area restaurants, food arrives as ordered (so be careful if you ask for spicy dishes).

Reader Reviews

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Really? I can miss this.

The rubbery skin on the duck here illustrates the sad state of Chinese BBQ meats in the DC metro area. When I think about the ducks in SF or NY this makes me so so sad, not cooked enough, the skin a flaccid not browned or luscious texture. Then the broth, and insipid flavorless waste of time. The noodles are okay, but the broth is so sad, why bother? Man its sad that this is the best DC chinatown can do for noodle soup.