$$$$ ($14 and under)
The unassuming Choupi crepe cart deserves significant attention. These crepes are gloriously thin, supremely addictive and pleasingly priced. Bit into one adorned with the most basic of ingredients -- just lemon and sugar -- and try not to immediately request another. $3; toppings 50 cents each.
(Arlington/Wilson Blvd.)

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The best genuine FRENCH crepes in the region. And for me, conveniently located at N. 19th St & N. Lynn St. I am partial to ham and cheese crepes, but he has also fixed peanut butter and banana crepes for me. Prices went up the first of the year; $4.00 for the crepe and still .50 for toppings. I also love the apple and walnuts crepe. There is frequently a line, but he works fast and usually has 2 crepes going at once. I highly recommend this food cart.