Clyde's of Tysons Corner

American, Burgers
$$$$ ($15-$24)

Editorial Review

Clyde's is the type of place where you can wear casual clothing but feel like you're dining in luxury. The Tysons location is large, elegant and usually bustling on weekend nights. Sculptures and paintings accent the bar and dining areas and upstairs, you'll find a private dining room that can be rented for special occasions.

The menu changes daily, but the array of respectable American dishes does not. You can get your mouth around a decent burger for less than $8 or splurge on a steak or crab cake entree for closer to $20.

An important note: If you're familiar with the Tysons area, you'll know exactly where to find Clyde's. If you're not, you may find yourself getting frustrated as you drive endlessly up and down Route 7. If you're heading west on 7, you can get there by turning right in front of the Merchant's Tire store, then heading up a winding hill that leads you directly to the restaurant.

-- Jen Chaney

Clyde's Happy Hour

Usually packed and noisy, Clyde's is much more social than most other happy hours in the Tysons area, even if the restaurant is harder to find. Men (most in the sport jacket/no tie combo) reached to light women's cigarettes, and the crowd looked to be on the prowl. Unlike at other happy hours, many people talked to whoever was standing next to them at the packed bar. Most of the crowd was in the 35-plus bracket, but the way they chatted and drank put the other, younger crowds at Mr. Smith's and On the Border to shame.

-- Fritz Hahn