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Del Campo

South American
$$$$ ($25-$34)
Meat is the star of the menu at Del Campo in Chinatown.
Lunch Monday through Friday
dinner daily.
Gallery Place-Chinatown (Green, Red, Yellow lines)
74 decibels (Must speak with raised voice)

Anniversary Party

Food, drinks and live tango entertainment.

Bamba Bowl

Food and drink from area Mexican restaurants, including a taco competition.

Editorial Review

2013 Fall Dining Guide

2013 Fall Dining Guide
By Tom Sietsema
October 10, 2013

What's the chef smoking? Just about everything. From the olive oil perfumed by applewood chips and dried herbs to the rice pudding punched up with grilled mango sorbet, chef Victor Albisu leaves seemingly no dish untorched in this dashing tribute to his Cuban father and Peruvian mother.

The heart of the menu is a dozen kinds of wood-grilled, herb-smoked meat -- puffy veal sweetbreads, hanger steak, glossy short ribs -- presented on a wooden board with roasted red peppers, melting garlic and bone marrow. For something light, start with a seviche, maybe black-edged salmon on buttery avocado encircled in yellow aioli.

And if meat isn't your thing, go for the fabulous Peruvian-style chicken (duck fat under the skin makes it rich) or the golden pot pie swollen with Swiss chard, spinach, bechamel and more. Lunch brings a monster sandwich stacked high with rib-eye, mortadella, ham, provolone and hearts of palm topped with a fried egg.

Dressed in browns and beiges, Del Campo ("of the country" in Spanish) evokes the asados, or barbecues, of South America. Come hungry.

June 2013 review

Smoke, fire and flavor

Meat is the star of the menu at Del Campo in Chinatown.

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Don't bother

Sorry. Can't recommend. Way overpriced and there are just too many other choices in DC now. Food was fine. But for these prices, it should be better than fine. Oour party of four spent $460 on food and wine and these folks had the nerve to charge us $2 for an extra order of bread.

Trifecta | food, drink & atmosphere

It just opened but I've been there 4 times already! The drinks are out of this world (kuddos to JP!), so happy hour is always a great option. The food is amazing and unlike anything else you'll get in the District. If you love interesting food and flavors, you'll love Del Campo. And if you love chandeliers, well thought-out decor, and inspired cocktails, you'll love Del Campo.


Great recap by Tom... we're going to book a del campo cityeats reservation.

Great Experience

I went with my girlfriend earlier this week and loved it. I think it surpasses the quality of BLT Steak, which I also like. The bacon wrapped filet medallions were awesome, and the grilled cauliflower was fantastic. The place was pretty empty though, so I hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as PS7's. I'll definitely go back.

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