Frozen Dairy Bar & Boardwalk Pizza

Ice cream, Pizza
$$$$ ($14 and under)

Editorial Review

Amanda Abrams wrote about this restaurant as part of a longer piece about ice cream shops on July 3, 2009.

One of the area's longest-running ice cream shops sits in a strip mall at a busy intersection near Seven Corners. The Frozen Dairy Bar occupies roughly the same spot where it was built in 1950, not too long after the state bought the surrounding farmland from the Eiken family to build Route 50.

Back then, it was a free-standing ice cream shack with art deco details that attracted hordes of high-schoolers and neighborhood kids. "We have people who met waiting in line, married and are now in their 60s," says manager Michael Natoli. In the time since, the shop went through three owners, the building was demolished, and the business finally returned to the Eiken family in a new home built on the old site.

It's still selling high-quality custard, churning out chocolate, vanilla and zebra flavors daily, as well as a flavor of the day that might be peanut butter fudge swirl, Black Forest cake or lime in the coconut. And with a nod to the neighborhood's large Asian population, the shop occasionally offers flavors such as taro root and green tea.