Island Style Ice Cream

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Dayna Smith/For The Post

Editorial Review

Amanda Abrams wrote about Island Style as part of a longer piece about ice cream shops on July 3, 2009.

As a little girl in Jamaica, Pancita Brydson loved the ice cream her father churned by hand for the neighborhood kids. Decades later, living in the United States, she couldn't find anything that tasted quite as good, so she begged her mother for the old family recipes and began making her own. That's the short story of how Brydson wound up the owner and sole ice cream maker of Island Style Ice Cream, a small shop on funky Mount Rainier's main drag.

From about 20 types of ice cream, customers can choose traditional Jamaican flavors such as grapenut -- vanilla ice cream with Grape-Nuts cereal mixed in is popular in Brydson's homeland -- as well as reggae ginger and ice cream flavored with stout. Other options include Brydson's originals, including the customers' current favorite, Obama Delight (light chocolate with MandMs).