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Levi's Port Cafe

Barbecue, Southern/Soul
$$$$ ($14 and under)
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Editorial Review

A nautically-themed hole-in-the-wall just up from the Navy Yard, Levi's serves Southern style dinners and North Carolina BBQ that taste like they came out of a country kitchen. The ribs are cooked in a vinegar-based sauce that, while sweet, balances the smoky taste of the ribs. Fried chicken is cooked to order and has hints of salt and pepper. Gravy-soaked liver and onions are also a popular choice, but I have yet to try them. Main dishes come with two sides. The sides alone are worth a trip to Levi's. The macaroni and cheese is creamy without being too overpowering, while the cole slaw is the perfect accompaniment to the ribs. The candied yams are cooked to perfection, but serve up a heavy dose of brown sugar that can be lapped up with some cornbread.

If you have room for dessert, dive into the peach cobbler a la mode or hope for red velvet cake. The sweet potato pie is also a fitting end to such a Southern meal.

The sugar-laden sweet tea had too much sweet and not enough tea for my taste, but I blame myself for not being able to handle the Southern delicacy. Lemonade is a safer bet for those unaccustomed to the sugar rush of sweet tea.

Levi's operates an all-you-can-eat buffet for $12.95 on Sundays during the summer and a breakfast buffet from 7-10:30 a.m. Monday-Friday.

-- Erin Hartigan

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Complaint don't deserve one star!!!

Out of all the eateries around I chose LEVI PORT CAFE...I WENT IN FOR A CHICKEN AND NC BARBEQUE COMBO WITH MAC N CHEESE AND HUSH PUPPIES. THE SERVICE WAS SLOW I SPENT MY ENTIRE 30min lunch break waiting for the meal. First off he plated my food as a rib and NC BBQ plate. When I informed him he just simply took the rib off and left my BBQ drenched in sauce. When I got back to my desk the hush puppies were still raw in the inside. The BBQ was nasty thanks to it having all the rib sauce on it and it wasn't hot at all. And the baked chicken was extra dry and about room temperature. Only the Mac n cheese tasted like something. I returned the food and didn't receive a refund let along an apology for the service and food. I WILL NEVER RETURN AGAIN