Mr. Yogato

Ice cream
$$$$ ($14 and under)
Mr. Yogato photo
Nikki Kahn/The Post

Editorial Review

Mr. Yogato offers sweet treats paired with quirky demands and rules that earn rewards. For example, some recent customers who allowed "Mr. Yogato Stamped Me!!!" to be inked across their foreheads received a 5 percent discount.

The chain offers soft (creamy, a hint of tang) and tangy (icy, for tangy-lovers only) styles (5 ounces, $3; 8 ounces, $4; 12 ounces, $5; toppings cost $1 for one, $1.75 for two and $2 for three), plus two flavors on rotation; when we visited, they were a tangy strawberry and a sweet chocolate yogurt. Unique toppings include cantaloupe, mandarin oranges, toasted Eggo mini-waffles and free add-ons such as cinnamon, basil and olive oil.

(Catherine Cheney, Good to Go, Aug. 19, 2009)