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Editorial Review

From TomSietsema's 2001 Washington Post Magazine Dining Guide:

Green, black, white -- you can choose from dozens of teas at these stylish settings scattered across the city. But Teaism is much more than a place just to sip. In the morning, I show up at one of the (self-service) counters for cilantro scrambled eggs with tea-smoked salmon and a refreshing yogurt-based lassi. Later in the day, there are an attractive vegetable bento box, a nice Thai chicken curry with sticky rice, and a juicy, first-rate burger -- made not with beef but with organic ostrich, and perched on a toasted bun with a pinch of grated ginger and a side of chunky cole slaw. Oh, the beef bento comes out a little dry and chewy and the bland veggie burger smacks too much of the Haight-Ashbury, circa 1968. Still, these sleek little dining rooms, wrought from warm wood and stone floors, offer a serene and health-conscious alternative to golden arches and corporate coffeehouses. Small wonder that on any given day, young families may find themselves next to business types seated next to first-daters ("So, you're from California . . .").