Westlawn Inn

$$$$ ($25-$34)

Editorial Review

A friend of ours says she used to have reservations about going to North Beach for dinner. Now she says she needs reservations of another kind. Westlawn Inn is the reason.

A wraparound veranda (for outdoor dining in warm weather) invites you inside, through the Victorian vestibule to the dining room. You notice old wooden floors and lots of open space at first, but you'll forget your surroundings when you see the menu. Westlawn offers upscale and exquisite dining with an interesting menu: half seafood and half meat. This is a big plate place. Dishes are sophisticated and beautifully prepared. We love the fried red tomato appetizer with spicy jumbo crab, mustard sauce and bacon herb dressing. Chef Craig O'Neill offers specials every day, and a lot of diners' favorites come back as specials when they are not on the regular menu.

One of our favorites is the Crispy Duck. Our server recommended it be cooked medium, and we had no complaints. It was succulent in an orange sauce with perfectly prepared Brussels sprouts and potatoes au gratin. With the choices offered, and the quality of the ingredients, you are sure to find something special.

--Molli and Andy Yood, The Guide, April 26, 2007