Zack's Taverna

Greek, Halal, Health Food, Home Cooking, Ice cream, Indian, Indonesian/Malaysian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kosher, Latin American, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Nouveau American, Organic, Pizza, Pho, Portuguese, Russian, Salvadoran, Scandinavian, Seafood, Smoothie/Juice bar, South American, Southern/Soul, Spanish, Steakhouse, Sushi, Tapas, Tex-Mex, Thai, Turkish, Vegetarian/Vegan, Vietnamese, Pub
$$$$ ($15-$24)

Editorial Review

Ever since Good Stuff Eatery opened to raves last summer, folks have been speculating about where and when the Mendelsohn clan -- and its most well-known member, "Top Chef" contestant Spike -- would be expanding. "Is Spike opening another Good Stuff in Dupont?" was a recurring (and unanswered) Got Plans? question just a couple of weeks ago.

Well, the Dupont thing isn't least for now. But, as of Monday, the family purchased Zack's Taverna, the Greek restaurant located just next door. Big changes will roll out slowly at the new space, says Micheline Mendelsohn (Spike's sister and director of communications for the business). This week, they're figuring out staffing, cleaning up the restaurant, getting in new food products and serving simple Greek dishes. Spike's new menu is set to roll out on May 18. Expect Greek fare, but instead of the 50-plus list of items on the Zack's menu, a more curated selection of 10 to 15. They may add pizza to the lineup over the course of the summer. (For a look at what the chef has been exploring, check out this New York magazine article about his pizza binge in New York City. Spike has been busy; he's also working on a series of Web cooking videos.)

The family holds the lease for a new Good Stuff in Union Station, but the ETA on that one is yet to be determined because construction at the site has stalled.

-- Julia Beizer (GoG Blog, May 6, 2009)