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Movie PG-13

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

An adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer's novel.


Movie NR

Go for Sisters


Movie PG-13

Star Trek Into Darkness: An IMAX 3D Experience

The 2009 reboot “Star Trek” was that rare action movie that pleased both filmgoers and critics, not to mention the franchise’s legion of fanatics. JJ Abrams has reassembled almost all of the same players, adding rising star Benedict Cumberbatch to the mix to play the mysterious John Harrison.


Movie R

Cloud Atlas: The IMAX Experience

The Wachowskis and Tom Twyker serve up a big, ambitious, surprisingly legible adaptation of David Mitchell's densely layered novel.


Movie NR

Aaranya Kaandam


Movie PG-13

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel

A documentary about fashion maven and iconoclast Diana Vreeland.


Movie NR

The Intouchables (Intouchable)

A wealthy, wheelchair-bound paraplegic (Francois Cluzet) hires a young man from the projects (Omar Sy) to take care of him. A professional relationship grows into deep friendship.


Movie PG-13


After a doctor applies for an exit visa from East Germany in 1980, she ends up exiled in a tiny rural hospital and scrutinized by Stasi officers.


Movie PG

Poltergeist (1982)


Movie PG-13

20 Feet from Stardom


Movie PG

Hugo 3D

Martin Scorsese's adaptation of Brian Selznick's book tells the story of a young orphan in 1930s Paris who lives in a train station and embarks on a mystery involving an automaton invented by his late father.


Movie PG-13

Gravity: An IMAX 3D Experience


Movie R

To the Wonder

Terrence Malick's slow-moving film charts the ups and downs in the relationship of a married couple.


Movie G

Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

The cartoon tykes take over Paris.


Movie NR

Mademoiselle C


Movie PG

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World


Movie NR

Room 237

Rodney Ascher’s documentary about the 1980 Stanley Kubrick horror film "The Shining" examines five obsessive viewers with elaborate ideas about the film's hidden meanings.


Movie R

Hating Breitbart

A documentary on the late Andrew Breitbart.


Movie R

Wish You Were Here

The non-linear feature debut for Australian writer-director Kieran Darcy-Smith is about four friends who go on vacation together. But when only three return home to Sydney, the group tries to piece together the events of a drug-fueled night in Cambodia.


Movie NR

Kiss Me Deadly (1955)


Movie R

Drinking Buddies

Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson work at a brewery, where they banter all day with amazing chemistry. If only they weren’t dating other people ...


Movie NR

A Touch Of Sin (Tian Zhu Ding)


Movie NR

Ahead of Time

Bob Richman tells the remarkable journey of American writer and journalist Ruth Gruber, who will turn 99 years old on September 30th. Gruber, a youthful Jewish woman in the late 1920s, was the youngest person to receive a PhD at the age of 20, a feminist before feminism.


Movie R

At Any Price


Movie NR

Shadow Dancer


Movie PG

Nicholas Nickleby

Weekend's Desson Howe says this Charles Dickens adaptation is "watchable, certainly. It should have been so much more." Style's Ann Hornaday agrees, noting that "whether the entire production comes off as classy or cloying depends entirely on the viewer's mood."


Movie NR

Gimme the Loot


Movie NR

Surviving Progress

A documentary look at the corner we humans seem to be painting ourselves into.


Movie PG-13


'Contagion' follows the rapid progress of a lethal airborne virus that kills within days.


Movie PG


An animated film about a group of animals who escape from the Central Park Zoo and wind up in Madagascar. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer provide voices.


Movie PG

Won't Back Down

Inspired by true events, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis star as mothers who risk everything in attempt to transform their children’s failing inner city school.


Movie PG-13

Baggage Claim


Movie PG-13

Delivery Man

Vince Vaughn plays it fairly straight in this English-language adaptation of the Canadian film "Starbuck." His character, David Wozniak, is a listless middle-age guy who finds out that a trip to the sperm bank in his younger years resulted in 533 offspring.


Movie PG


In this animated adventure from the director of "Nightmare Before Christmas," a small girl discovers a door in her home which leads to a skewed version of her own life.


Movie R

The Master

A World War II veteran enters into a dysfunctional relationship with a spiritual teacher.


Movie NR

Child's Pose (Pozitia Copilului)


Movie NR

5 Broken Cameras

A chronicle of five years in a Palestinian village in the West Bank.


Movie R

Rust & Bone (De rouille et d'os)

An unlikely relationship forms between two struggling individuals in this French film.


Movie G

Ramona and Beezus

Selena Gomez stars as grade schooler Ramona Quimby's sister in this film adaptation of Beverly Cleary's book.


Movie G

Beauty and the Beast 3D

The 1991 Disney musical, a retelling of the fairy tale about inner beauty, arrives in 3D form to charm a new generation of princess-obsessed girls.


Movie PG-13

Stories We Tell

Child actress-turned-filmmaker Sarah Polley turns the camera on her family for this documentary. The non-linear accumulation of story fragments and interviews ultimately releases a skeleton from the Polley family closet.


Movie R


A narrative ensemble drama about fidelity and the perils of romantic entanglements.


Movie NR

God Loves Uganda


Movie PG-13

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy (Ron Perlman) returns in this sequel to the comic-book film, directed by Guillermo del Toro.


Movie NR

How to Survive a Plague

A documentary about the anti-AIDS activist movement that sprung up in New York in the 1980s.


Movie R

John Dies at the End

A mash-up of dark comedy, grindhouse gore, film-noir narration and a headache-inducing sci fi premise about a drug that opens a portal to a parallel universe inhabited by evil creatures bent on our destruction.


Movie PG-13

The Great Gatsby in 3D

A star-studded cast brings F. Scott Fitzgerald's great American novel to the big screen in 3-D with a soundtrack that includes Jay-Z and Lana Del Rey. This would sound preposterous if writer-director Baz Luhrmann (“Moulin Rouge,” “Romeo + Juliet”) hadn’t helmed the fireworks display of a movie.


Movie R

Gangster Squad

A gangster movie without an idea in its pretty little head.


Movie R

Paranormal Activity

In this low-budget horror film, a couple moves into a new house and senses what appears to be a supernatural presence in their midst.

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