Hillyer Art Space

Through 9/27

Apocaloptimist: A Future True Story

Artist Rachel Schmidt explores current myths in her exhibition that displays both hand-made masks and installations using video, collage and drawing.
Through 9/27


Artist Michele Montalbano uses a combination of etching, aquatint, letterpress, gilding, drawing and painting to convey the idea of a language barrier in her work.
Through 9/27

Hillyer Contemporaries

A group exhibition that will feature select work from members of Hillyer's Artist Advisory Committee including Renee Stout, John Paradiso, Lorelle Rau, Ellington Robinson, Pattie Firestone and Cianne Fragione.
10/3 - 11/1

Objects of My Devotion

Artist Jeffery Herrity displays his mixed-media totems meant to symbolize what family means to him.
10/3 - 11/1

Photo Album

Lee Gainer displays his semi-abstract compositions comprised of snapshots of family gatherings, celebrations and other notable moments.
10/3 - 11/1

The First Inhabitants

Alex Chiou's exhibit aims to explore parallels between geography and human anatomy by way of layers of cut paper with pen, ink and watered down acrylic.
11/7 - 11/26

Last Car Running

Christine Pearl's series of photographs about the culture of demolition derby and the people within that subculture is displayed
11/7 - 11/26

Visible Iceland

American and Icelandic photographers come together to explore the Icelandic landscape and different personalities that make up the small country. Features work by Jillian Watkins, Elena Sheehan, Katrin Elvarsdottir and Friogeir.

Editorial Review

Dupont Circle is not the nerve center of the gallery world it once was. But one gallery in the neighborhood still pulls in crowds. In an alley behind the Phillips Collection, Hillyer Art Space packs its poetry readings, film screenings and a lively program of visual art exhibitions, often accompanied by live music, with a young crowd.

"We wanted to provide something that was not what we were seeing in D.C. when we opened here four years ago," says David Furchgott. He's president of International Art and Artists, a 15-year-old organization that puts together traveling art shows around the world. Hillyer is the local face of IA&A's global outreach program - and one fast becoming known as a showcase for underexposed D.C. artists.

Its reputation for embracing both young artists and young audiences has spread. Now if only it can make a dent with some of its, er, stodgier neighbors, Furchgott will be happy. "I just wish that some of our friends from the Cosmos Club would come by sometime," he says.

Good neighbor: Marsha Mateyka Gallery. Work by Jim Sanborn, Anish Kapoor and Gene Davis is on view through Saturday.

-- Michael O'Sullivan (Jan. 14, 2011)