ADC Map and Travel Center

Please note: ADC Map and Travel Center is no longer a part of the Going Out Guide.
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Farragut West (Blue and Orange lines), Farragut North (Red Line)

Editorial Review

Cozy is how the real estate ad would read. Cozy, as in small, tiny, jewel-box, baby sized. For dealing with such a broad subject -- maps of the world -- the store is, well, compact. Actually, there's plenty of room if you keep your nose to the book you're browsing and the maps pleated. It's only when everyone unfolds those extra large Michelin road maps of France (some of them seem as big as pool tables) that the shop shrinks.

Globes of many sizes and colors are perched on cases where maps from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as aeronautical and nautical charts, U.S. Geographical Survey topographical maps of local quadrants, and ordnance surveys for the United Kingdom are stored flat.

Maps not in stock can be special ordered -- USGS topos for non-local areas, NOAA charts for places like remote South Pacific Islands and the ordinance surveys of Ireland. For U.S. government issue maps, the turnaround is 10 to 15 days. Express service is available for a fee.

Throughout the rest of the store you'll find racks of road maps from all over the world, shelves of travel guidebooks, tourist maps, funny postcards, mugs, a few games and calendars. There are lots of atlases, world maps, National Geographic maps, and Raven plastic relief maps, which run $20 to $26 each. There are a some trip-planning software packages, a strong section featuring local guidebooks and all the regional ADC street mapbooks. Gift items include reproductions of historical maps.

A subcontractor mounts and laminates maps as special orders; price depends on map size.

-- L. Peat O'Neil