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Annie Creamcheese


Editorial Review

Co-founder Annie Lee has gone on to open her own place, Pretty People Vintage, in Old Town Alexandria, yet her neo-kitsch imprint remains on this side of the river at her namesake shop on M Street. Annie Creamcheese was, and still is, a brash, poly-blend sort of vintage store, where pop jams blast from the speakers, most dresses can be described as "Austin Powers-esque" and you'll frequently find Georgetown freshmen scouring the racks.

The clothing that's not vintage, cheapie sunglasses and costume baubles generally ring up at $40 or less. But for a discerning shopper, there's plenty that's lux, too -- silk scarves for $12, a shiny Diane Von Furstenburg snakeprint dress (in a size that's in no way hostile to women, mind you) for $130. As for the pricetag on the vintage Chanel necklaces, let's just say this reporter thought it best not to look. -- Lavanya Ramanathan