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Bluemercury - Georgetown


Editorial Review

Bluemercury whispers above the Georgetown's endless construction. The shop front dispenses hard-to-find scents and salves, and this combination of exclusivity and skin sense extends to spa services available behind the tall glass doors. The soft-spoken oasis invigorates with Hollywood-style methods at Hollywood prices. The spa is all-but-booked solid.

Here's why: The treatments, facials, aesthetic treatments (waxing and makeup application) and body care (massage and toning) are enhanced with up-to-the-minute techniques. Bluemercury was the first Washington area spa to finish each facial with oxygen therapy. The tickling breath of fresh air seals moisture into the skin as it rids the surface of bacteria.

The spa imports a synthetic Australian wax, Lycon, for all defuzzification. It is so noticeably gentler that even a basic eyebrow treatment is relaxing. Make an appointment with Lance Etchison, he's man who waxed the brow that raised, not disapprovingly, at the suggestion of presidential indiscretion. That's right, Monica Lewinsky is just one of a host of celebrities who has enjoyed the excellent care Bluemercury dispenses.

Overall, costs are dependent upon the number of add-ons. Prices are high; but the product lines like Eve Lom need to be imported and Etchison' s hands perform small miracles.

There are packages, too. Preview services on the spa's Web site: www.bluemercury.com. Then to make your appointment, call 202/965-1300.


Glyolic, oxygen facials, microdermabrasion



Makeup application

-- Kate Gibbs