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Cote Jardin


Editorial Review

Cote Jardin is dedicated to the impulse to bring the outdoors indoors: A fountain on a brick patio in front of the airy storefront sets a garden theme that continues inside with a sundial painted on the white wood floor.

Owners Basil Kavalsky, a retired economist, and engineer Nopporn Khaewpong specialize in the type of rustic French furnishings that they collect. "Ten years ago, we bought a house near Avignon," says Kavalsky. "We got interested in painted furniture and spent a lot of time looking for it in the towns in the south of France." Finds include an antique armoire from Provence ($14,500), a 1741 map of Avignon ($2,200) and new wrought-iron armchairs made in France ($670 to $1,000). Clustered at the front are pieces made of concrete shaped to look like sticks and logs -- a technique called faux-bois, meaning false wood: a garden bench ($6,700), twig chair ($1,850) and a cottage-style birdhouse ($9,500).

Less costly items include embroidered linen tea towels and napkins ($36 to $40 each); fig- and flower-scented candles and soaps ($13 to $35).

--Deborah K. Dietsch (May 2004)