George Washington University Bookstore

Please note: George Washington University Bookstore is no longer a part of the Going Out Guide.

Editorial Review

Located on the ground floor of the Marvin Center, and across the street from Tower Records, the GW Bookstore tries to be all things to all students. A mini-department store, the two levels overflow at the start of each semester with both new and used textbooks, plus basic – and not so basic – necessities for the dorm.

On the upper level, the store offers loads of George Washington University-labeled clothes: sweatshirts, T-shirts, boxer shorts and baseball hats. Books by GW professors as well as bestsellers are located here, too, along with a huge greeting-card selection, postcards and matted photographs of Washington. There are also sodas, snacks and medicines, plus knapsacks and Frisbees, coffee cups and water bottles. Those, with the pompoms and bullhorns, are all yellow and navy, the GW Colonials' colors. This is a bookstore with extension cords, fans, alarm clocks and lamps, too, to forestall those frantic phone calls to Mom and Dad.

Downstairs houses the bulk of the textbooks, including the large medical and law sections. The information desk is at the bottom of the stairs and impossible to miss; the special order desk is at the back of the room. And, as at any good university bookstore, Cliff Notes are on hand for students who just want to know the good parts.

A word to the wise: Start shopping before the semester begins to avoid the crowds.

-- Harriet Winslow